Sunday, March 29, 2009

Truman's Arrival...

I was roused from a deep slumber this good Sunday morning to a knocking at my front door. I had to rub the sleep from my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Could it really be Truman? It was indeed! Wide awake now I anxiously flung open the door. It sure was good seeing him in the "flesh", well fabric.

"How was your journey from North Carolina?", I asked him as we chatted away over a hot cup of coffee. We went for a walk, sat out on the deck and caught up on old times.

You know that chilly Illinois weather though so we couldn't stay out too long.
Well, lets get you settled in.

I found Truman's blankey in the hope chest.
I figured he wanted to relax and take a little nap.

After a little light reading, Truman was sound asleep on the sofa.

I didn't think he would ever get up. Boy, that rabbit can sleep the day away.

He awoke refreshed and decided to visit some old friends. That evening when Truman came home I wondered about all the adventures he had been on and his travels to get here. What a wonderful day it had been, spending it with Truman and I was so glad to have him home.

If you want an amazing primitive that tells a story like this you can find them at This is just one of the great many finds I have purchased from Sue at Rabbit hollow prims, her artistry and talent for creating lifelike pieces never ceases to amaze me. Each one has a character all its own.

This is Truman's Full Body Shot, isn't he adorable?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome Ladies...

I am still customizing things for the blog here, but it is up and running. I am not ready for the first "real" blog post as of yet so you will have to be patient. I have something special for that!
I just wanted to say hello for tonight as I am wrapping things up in a bit.
Don't hesitate to follow, so I know where to find all of you, let me know if I have made any mistakes too, I am always up for a misspelling from time to time, plenty of typo's and things always seem to get misplaced. Just shout at me and say hey, what the *@$!?.

I hope this will be a nice new home for all of us to show off our hard work, and promote the wonderful things that we work so hard to create.

Goodnight to All who have made it thus far &
Prim Blessings