Friday, May 22, 2009

Cottage Garden Studios The art of Sarah Sullivan

Come meet our YOTP Moderator and the extremely talented artist behind Cottage Garden Studios, Sarah Sullivan. Many of you know Sarah for her whimsical artwork and her uncanny sweetness. I wanted to share with you some of Sarah's latest works they are truly amazing.

Sarah is a wonderful Mother, artist and teacher from the Pacific Northwest. She works in colored pencil as well as acrylics. She has a special gift for her whimsical aceo's but works with canvas and wood, anything she can hold down!

She has done a awesome collection of witch shops recently and the inspiration and ideas just keep coming.

Visit Sarah's Etsy shop to see some more wonderful creations and prints in this limited edition line. Cottage Garden Studios on Etsy

You can visit Sarah's blog here Cottage Garden Studio Her work can be found on ebay as well as etsy and bonanzle.


  1. Sarah's style is so whimisical and her imagination seem endless! I am the proud owner of several of her drawings of her Witch Shops including the cabin one shown in this post!!! She is talented and it will be a great pleasure to see what she does next!

  2. Oh Heather, thank you so much - it's lovely!! I'm so touched!!! Hugs, Sarah